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Elizabeth and

Her Baby Dragon

Ebook copy - Steamier version than on

This book contains, MF, MFM, MM and Lizzy is involved in all scenes.

This book CAN be read on Kindle apps.

Elizabeth and her guys, finally together and having their happily ever after, discover that happiness comes with a price. Their baby, still unborn, is more powerful than ever, and beings from the supernatural world rush to be the one to control her.

Lizzy and her men must do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it comes with a heavy cost.



***Elizabeth and Her Baby Dragon is appx 30k words, a short follow up book with answers to the questions that readers have been craving. Find out what the guys reaction is to the big news and what they decide they have to do in order to protect the baby. This book is told from the point of view of the men, and also re-introduces Carrie, the next main character of the Fated Alpha series.***

This book is NOT vital to the series but only a fun read as requested by fans of the series.



My eyes shot open. Something was wrong.

Lizzy was next to me, tucked under my arm with Avery on the other side of her. Her blonde hair splashed over the pillow like a motherfucking crown, like the queen that she was. Her heart pumped wildly, and a sexy whimper escaped her, making my cock go hard.

I hovered indecisively between waking her up and letting her sleep. She was obviously having a crazy dream. If she was dreaming about something bad, I wanted to get her up, but I was also hesitant to wake her. What if it was about something amazing?

She exhaled a breath, drawing my attention to her pouty lips. I touched them softly, thumbing her lower lip.

What I really wanted was to wake her up and make her suck my dick. Then let Avery fuck her in the ass while I went down on her.

Shit. I rubbed my eyes. Don't think about that. 

I constantly obsessed over her like this, and it was distracting. A good woman made your dick hard, not your life, and that’s exactly the kind of woman that Lizzy was. Problem was, my dick was hard when my brain should be working.

She suddenly sucked in a deep breath and jerked, sitting up and dragging the blanket with her. I sat up next to her. "What's wrong?"

She was clutching the blanket like a lifeline.

She looked at me, giving me those doe eyes that always drew me in. I was caught up in the moment of having all her attention on me. It buzzed like electricity inside my chest. I absently rubbed at it, studying her face. She was thinking about something  her dream. 

Then Avery mumbled something, drawing her attention away from me to look down at him.  He wrapped his arm around Lizzy's hips possessively, tugging her into him and a soft look came over her face.

That was one of the things I loved about this woman.

She wore her heart on her sleeve. She couldn't stop herself from showing her true feelings, at least not to me. I knew her every expression, her every thought, almost. She looked down at him like he hung the motherfucking moon, and it stirred weird feelings inside of me  squishy ones. I hated that shit but damn it if she didn't make me warm and soft inside.

Like the fucking marshmallow man.

She loved him, and that made me love her even more.

Then she slid out from under him and pranced across the bed and onto the floor. If she knew what I was thinking, that I thought she was prancing across the bed, she’d probably punch me in the arm. She hated when I talked like that, but to me, she pranced all the time. Off to the shower; while we were exercising; when she was hanging out with the pack.

She couldn’t help it.  She was a fucking sexy vixen whether she was trying to be or not. It was her wolf coming out, I expect.

It was also hot as fuck.

She grabbed her shorts from the floor, the ones I’d stripped off her earlier, and yanked them on. I cleared my throat to get her attention, frowning. “Lizzy. What happened?"

My voice came out deeper than I wanted, but I didn't like that I had to ask her twice. It also bothered me that I couldn’t read her now. I anticipated her every need in an effort to show her what she meant to me. And not knowing what she needed right now made me want to grab her ankle, yank her in the air, and shake her. Just dump it out of her so I could figure out what she needed next.

"Get up, Eastie. Get dressed."

A few months ago, I would've hated that she called me that, all because James was the first one to call me Eastie. He was pretty much an asshole, making that an asshole nickname. But coming from her lips, it only gave me that stupid, squishy feeling again.

I threw the blanket off and put my jeans on, considering her words. She wasn't telling me anything. That was bad news.

“You're scaring me, babe. What's wrong?" I had to shove my semi-hard dick to the side before I could zip them up. Not right now, buddy. I grabbed my shirt quickly and tugged it over my head; she was already waiting for me.

"Nothing's wrong. I want you to take me somewhere. I'll tell you why when we get there."

I frowned. What the hell?

She paused and came to my side. Now she was looking up at me like I was the center of her world. Fuck if I didn't want to wrap my hands around her ass, yank her to me, and kiss her lips off. Show her how I feel about her.

Shit. Looking at me like she was lucky to be here, with me, when in reality it was the opposite.

She palmed my face. "Nothing's wrong. I promise."

I know nothing's wrong! Because I will kill any problem you have, just say the word. 

I nodded, sighing. "Okay."

She padded over to Avery, brushing her lips over his cheek as she pulled the covers back up over him. Fucking mothering him, that's what. His eyes opened and he wrapped his arm around her neck.

"I'll be back, okay? Easton and I are going somewhere." She snuggled into his neck.

He wanted to fuck her again. I could see it in the possessive way he held her, the way his heart stuttered when she brushed her lips over him. That was another thing that was special about Lizzy. Avery wanted her, like, all the time.

When he first joined our team, he never even so much as looked at any woman. And it wasn’t like he didn’t have any opportunities; they threw themselves at him all the time.

Women always flocked to Hunter since he was in the entertainment news a lot. The media painted Hunter as an unattainable, rich, playboy, making it so every girl was out to catch him. Everywhere he went, he had women pursuing him, trying to get in his pants and have a baby with him. And then, when he turned them down, which he always did now that he was a grown-ass man, they switched their sights on us. It was annoying as hell.

But Avery, and even Hunter, had it bad since the very beginning with Lizzy.

She was the girl who knew nothing about Hunter's money or Avery's sad past.

A new start for them both.

And the sexy vixen who brought me to my knees. 


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